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DHL shipment insurance is an optional service that provides you with protection against the risk of physical loss or damage to your parcels from external causes during transportation by DHL.

DHL handle all parcels with great care throughout the delivery process. Although it is rare, unfortunately accidents can sometimes happen and insurance will provide you with additional peace of mind and financial protection (limited to your actual financial loss).

Provided as standard, DHL’s liability for direct loss or damage is limited to the lesser of the current market or declared value of the goods or 22 Special Drawing Rights (approximately US$ 30.00) per kilogram for shipments transported by air or 8.33 Special Drawing Rights (approximately US$ 11.00) per kilogram for shipments transported by road. Please see DHL's Terms and Conditions of Carriage for full details.

If you would like extra cover, insurance can be arranged for both documents and parcels. Some restrictions and limitations may apply, depending on the destination and contents of the parcel.

Shipment insurance is available for parcels booked online with DHLitNow or by phone with Customer Service. It can also be purchased at DHL Service Points located in Ryman stores and at DHL Express service centres.

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