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DHL Box Size & Shipping Price Guide

DHL Service Point prices are defined by the size of the FREE box you choose and the destination of your parcel. We have 7 different envelope and box sizes available. If your package doesn't fit into any of these boxes, larger items can be sent with DHLitNow or DHL by Phone. So whether you have a small parcel or a large parcel, DHL offers secure UK or international delivery from 1,300 DHL Service Points nationally.

When you send a parcel with DHL Service Point, we recommend completing your parcel details online before visiting a store. Once you have completed your parcel details, you will receive a confirmation number. Simply take this number to your local DHL Service Point, pick a free box and pay.

Envelope 1

Size 27 x 35 x 2cm
Weight Up to 0.5kg

For example:

A4 documents, CDs, photos

Box 2

Size 34 x 18 x 10cm
Weight Up to 1.5kg

For example:

digital camera, mobile phone

Box 3

Size 34 x 32 x 10cm
Weight Up to 3kg

For example:

paperback books, magazines

Box 4

Size 34 x 32 x 18cm
Weight Up to 7kg

For example:

clothes, books, laptop

Box 5

Size 34 x 32 x 34cm
Weight Up to 12kg

For example:

clothes, books, toys

Box 6

Size 42 x 36 x 37cm
Weight Up to 18kg

For example:

DVD player, small TV

Box 7

Size 48 x 40 x 39cm
Weight Up to 25kg

For example:

small printer, computer

Prices include VAT and Brexit adjustment where applicable.

* For a country-specific transit time estimate, please get a quote. The delivery times apply from the day your parcel is collected from the store by the courier. DHL couriers only collect Monday to Friday (excluding bank holidays). If the courier has already collected when you drop your parcel off (please check with the store), add +1 working day to the delivery time (weekends are not working days). The delivery times are to major destinations, do not include time in Customs and are provided as a guide only. Delivery times are also affected by public holidays in the destination country. 

Optional insurance
All parcels are covered by the DHL Express’ standard liability. We also offer additional financial protection to our customers against all risks of physical shipment loss or damage, from any external cause. Currently available at Ryman stores and DHL owned Service Points, the insurance charge is £12.00 or 1.5% of stated shipment value if higher. Insurance is also available for parcels sent through DHLitNow and DHL by Phone.

Cash cannot be sent icon Jewelry cannot be sent icon Perfumes cannot be sent icon
There are some obvious things that you can't send with DHL, such as animals, illegal substances, guns and explosives. But there are also less obvious items that we can’t transport, such as perfume, cash and jewellery with a value in excess of £4,000.
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