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Let's connect you to the right team!

Whether you're a customer of DHL Express or DHL Parcel UK, our goal is to assist with your enquiries as quickly as possible. Please ensure you contact the correct team using the information below as a guide.



Track a parcel

All DHL Express shipments have a 10 digit tracking number e.g. 1234567890. 

Track your parcel online

Need assistance? Log a tracking enquiry

Tracking number not 10 digits? Please see the contact options for DHL Parcel UK.


Rearrange a delivery

If you are expecting a parcel from DHL Express or we have attempted delivery already, you can rearrange your delivery online using DHL On Demand Delivery. Have your 10 digit tracking (waybill) number to hand.


Customer Service

When contacting DHL Express Customer Service, please note that our team cannot assist with enquiries for DHL Parcel UK.

To contact DHL Express Customer Service, please visit via your desktop or tablet. Please note that our team cannot assist with enquiries for DHL Parcel UK.



Track a parcel

DHL Parcel UK tracking numbers have various formats:

  • UK shipment - 14 digits e.g. 41505910017980
  • Driver calling card - 7 digits e.g. 3710615
  • UK return shipment - 9 digits, always starts with ‘9’ e.g. 928341972

Track your parcel online


Rearrange a redelivery

If you’ve received a notification from DHL Parcel UK or have been left a driver's calling card, you can rearrange a delivery online. Simply track your parcel to see the available redelivery options. 


Customer Service

When contacting DHL Parcel UK Customer Service, please note that the team cannot assist with DHL Express enquiries.