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Got a question about our DHL parcel delivery and courier service? Here are our FAQs to help you find the answer to your question. If you can’t find the answer you’re looking for, get in touch with our team for further assistance.

You or a representative must be present when the courier arrives to collect the parcel you are sending.


For security reasons, we’re unable to collect parcels that are left in 'safe places'.


If you have arranged for a parcel to be collected from your office and you leave the parcel at reception, you must ensure that someone is there to hand it over to the DHL courier.

We do offer a same-day collection service when you book online via DHLitNow or book by phone, but this depends on the time you make your booking and the time the courier is in your area.


We recommend that you book as early as possible to get the best chances of collection on the same day. If this isn't possible, you can book a collection for the next working day or up to five days ahead.


Please note that collections are made during business hours, Monday to Friday only (excluding bank holidays).

This doesn't happen often, but it may occur if your parcel contains a prohibited item or you haven't printed the parcel paperwork.


Please contact our Customer Service team for advice. If we are unable to arrange another collection for you, we will issue a refund.

To amend any part of your booking or to cancel the collection, contact customer service as soon as possible. If your amendment requires new parcel labels to be created, we will cancel and refund your original booking and ask you to rebook.

DHL is unable to deliver to PO Boxes in the UK. A full street address is required.


PO Boxes may be acceptable for some international addresses, but please check with customer service before you send.

If there is no one available to accept the parcel, our DHL courier will leave a calling card at the address informing the receiver that they tried to deliver a parcel.


The receiver can either collect the parcel from their local DHL Service Point or arrange another delivery. If they arrange another delivery, this can be to an alternative address.


Do you have any other questions about our DHL parcel delivery and courier service? Please feel free to get in touch with our team and we’ll be happy to help.

A courier is part of a logistics network to fulfil courier services that involve moving a letter or parcel from one place to another, domestically or internationally.


A courier physically collects and delivers letters, documents or parcels of various sizes within a specified time frame. You don't need an account at DHL Express to make use of our door-to-door delivery service. This means that a DHL Express courier will deliver your document or parcel to its final destination. We're able to offer this service because of our vast international network that spans over 220 countries and territories worldwide and our fleet of planes and vehicles.

How you send a parcel with DHL Express depends on the service you choose to use. There are three options available when sending a parcel with DHL Express:

Send a parcel with DHL Service Point drop off

1. Complete your parcel details online to save time in store.

2. Find your nearest DHL Service Point location.

3. Pick your free DHL envelope or box.

4. Pay for your delivery in store.


Send a parcel with DHL Express online (DHLitNow)

1. Get a quote first or book your parcel collection with DHL Express online (DHLitNow).

2. Print your parcel labels (for local and international parcels) and Customs invoice (if sending internationally).

3. Wait for the DHL courier to collect your parcel at the timeslot you selected in your booking.


Send a parcel with DHL by Phone

1. Call DHL Customer Services on 0844 248 0828*.

2. Arrange a suitable time for a courier to collect your parcel.

3. Wait for the DHL courier to collect your parcel at the timeslot you selected.

*Calls to DHL UK phone numbers beginning ‘084’ cost 7 pence per minute, plus your phone company’s access charge.

If your parcel is under 70kg in weight and does not exceed 120 x 80 x 80cm in dimension then you can use DHL Express online (DHLitNow) to make your booking. If your parcel is larger than the online DHLitNow limit, then call our Customer Service to provide you with a quote to deliver larger parcels of up to 300kg in weight and with a maximum length of 300cm.

The largest box (provided for free) when dropping off your parcel at your nearest DHL Express Service Point is 48 x 40 x 39cm, with a maximum recommended weight of 25kg.


To send a letter, document(s) or a small parcel with DHL Express, you can choose between using a DHL Service Point, DHL Express online (DHLitNow) or DHL by Phone.

If you choose to drop your letter, document(s) or small parcel off at one of our 1200+ DHL Service Point locations nationwide, then they will provide you with an envelope or small box for free.

To book an online collection or to make a booking over the phone you can just specify the size and weight of the item that you're sending and it will be collected by a DHL courier.

At DHL Express UK, you can choose between using a DHL Service Point to drop off your parcel, DHL Express online (DHLitNow) or contacting DHL by Phone to book a courier collection from your home or office.

DHL Service Point
To use a DHL Service Point you need to be able to locate and go to a DHL Service Point location near you to drop off your parcel. Free envelopes and boxes will be provided for you. The price is based on the zone that you're sending it to and the size of the box you choose. The labels and necessary Customs invoices will be created and printed in store for you.

DHL Express Online (DHLitNow)
To book a courier collection online at DHL Express (DHLitNow) you have to have access to an electronic device such as a smartphone, laptop or desktop. You will also need to print the labels (for UK and international delivery) and the Customs invoices (for international delivery). These invoices (commercial or proforma) will be created for you when you ship with DHL Express. Just follow the booking instructions.

DHL by Phone
You're also able to book a collection via phone by contacting Customer Service.

Get a quote now to compare the prices of these three sending options with DHL Express UK.



A courier service like DHL Express specialises in moving documents from point A to point B, domestically or internationally, within a specified time frame. Our services can be used by account or non-account customers and parcels can either be collected by one of our couriers (by booking a courier collection online or by phone) or it can be dropped off at one of our DHL Service Point locations nationwide for sending.

The fee you pay is based on the size, weight and intended destination of the document or parcel. All documents or parcels will have to be clearly labelled and for international deliveries, will have to include the Customs invoice (multiple copies required). These Customs invoices are used for Customs clearance and they should include the itemised list of your parcel's contents, quantities, weight, value and country of origin (the country that the item was produced in). These commercial (intended for resale) or proforma (intended for personal use) invoices are created for you when you ship with DHL Express. Just follow the booking instructions.

Customs duties and taxes are not included in the cost of sending a parcel. Customs duties and taxes are payable by the receiver upon delivery, unless the sender has an account with DHL Express. Having a DHL Express account will enable the sender to set their delivery preferences to pay duties instead of the receiver.

Once the document or parcel has been processed and entered into the DHL Express network it will either be transported by road or air to its intended destination. We operate in over 220 countries and territories worldwide and therefore, can offer door-to-door delivery. This means that we don't outsource the delivery of documents or parcels to third parties and a DHL courier will deliver your document or parcel to its final destination.

You're able to track the parcel along its journey in real time online, by phone or by WhatsApp.

DHL Express focuses on delivering parcels in the fastest possible way, therefore our services are perfect for urgent or time-sensitive letters or parcels.

As a non-account customer, you can send a letter or document with DHL within the UK or internationally. You have the same sending options and follow the same steps as when sending a parcel. There are three ways of sending your letter with DHL Express:

1. You can send a letter within the UK or internationally by dropping it off at a DHL Service Point located near you. The letter will be placed in a free cardboard envelope before processing your shipment. Our nationwide DHL Service Point network provides free envelopes (and boxes in various sizes) and the pricing is determined by the zone that you're sending it to. Explore our DHL Service Point price and size guide for our drop off pricing details.

2. You can also send a single letter within the UK or internationally by booking a collection online with DHL Express (DHLitNow).

3. It is also possible to book a collection for your letter by getting in touch with our Customer Service team on 0844 248 0828. Note that calls to DHL UK phone numbers beginning ‘084’ cost 7 pence per minute, plus your phone company’s access charge.

To compare the prices for these three sending options you can get a quote now and follow the instructions. Letters and documents are non-dutiable items which means there will be no Customs fees to pay when sending them internationally unless they are for resale. Please refer to the difference between document and non-document shipment types as it could impact how your letter is processed by Customs.

In 1969, Adrian Dalsey, Larry Hillblom and Robert Lynn founded DHL, using the initials of their last names. Little did they know that their business idea would disrupt the global economy. By personally transporting cargo documents from San Francisco to Honolulu by plane they sped up the customs processing time ahead of the ship's cargo arrival. This reduced the waiting times at the harbour for customers substantially. A new sector of industry came into being with the creation of DHL: international air express service - the rapid transport of documents and cargo documentation by plane. Parcel delivery services were added to DHL's list of services in 1979.

Deutsche Post acquired DHL Worldwide Express in 2002, a pioneer in global express shipping with network links in over 220 countries and territories worldwide. Synonymous with speed and modernity, the express and courier brand DHL became one of the best-known logistics companies around the globe.

In 2003 the Group's consistent implementation of its "one-stop shopping" concept was brought to fruition with the consolidation and rebranding of the worldwide parcel and logistics businesses (DHL, Euro Express and Danzas) under the DHL brand - offering a whole range of services from a single source.

Today, DHL Express is the fastest way of sending your parcels anywhere in the world.

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