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Six Steps Towards a More Sustainable Lifestyle

Go Green with DHL Express
Posted on 29 January 2021 by

Protecting our world and the environment is at the forefront of everyone’s mind. That’s why we will reduce carbon emissions from our network on every international parcel sent when dropping off at DHL Service Point, or when booking a collection online via DHLitNow. This means that we invest in Sustainable Aviation Fuel to reduce carbon emissions caused by air transport.  

We’re also teaching and encouraging our employees to live greener and participate in carbon-reducing projects. As a customer, you can also reduce your carbon footprint at home and at work – here are some ideas to get you started.

How can I reduce my carbon footprint?

In the UK, the average person’s carbon footprint is around 11.7 tonnes per year. Although there has been some improvement to individuals’ carbon footprints over the last couple of decades due to improvements in technology, there is still a long way to go and we can all take steps to help.

  • Make travel greener by walking, cycling or using public transport where possible. Transport emissions make up the majority of our household footprint, so making small adjustments can make a big difference.

  • Use recyclable packaging when sending parcels and printing less where possible will help reduce your carbon footprint. Waste recycling and reducing the amount of plastic we buy will help too. Re-use bags instead of throwing them away and opt for products that use recyclable packaging.

  • Eat less meat and shop local. Meat and animal products not only need more land which destroys trees and wildlife, they also need more water, food and resources which all has an impact on carbon levels. If you do eat meat, eating locally produced food can help reduce the transportation footprint of the product.

  • Buy less fast fashion – this is a growing cause of carbon emissions due to the mass amount that’s made and then thrown away, ending up in landfill sites. Large quantities of online deliveries and returns are also increasing transport and wasted products, causing increased emissions.

  • More efficient heating at home can really help to reduce our footprint. Those living in homes using oil-based fuels can ask for government grants to upgrade their homes to more efficient boilers. Installing better insulation such as double glazing helps keep heat in, resulting in less energy being used and therefore less emissions.

  • Use sustainable electricity from sources such as solar panels and wind power, as well as reduce the amount we use by turning off appliances and lights when we’re not using them. Using smart products not only use less electricity but also allow us to monitor them easily from a mobile device, so we can turn them on and off when needed, resulting in less energy wasted.
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