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And we have a winner!
Posted on 10 July 2013 by DHL Admin

Here’s announcing the lucky winner of the Independence Day competition… drum roll please… Deana Dmonte! Congratulations. The hamper full of scrumptious American goodies is all yours!

Thank you to everyone for all the wonderful entries. We received a variety of great responses – quirky, hilarious, creative, insightful, heartfelt… you name it, we read it!

While we can’t award every entry with a hamper, we certainly can feature some of the amazing answers to the question ‘what do you love about America?’ right here!

We had a jolly good time reading them… here’s your turn:

Winning entry: The size and scale of everything, the pioneering spirit of the people and Baby Ruth bars!

  • Its sheer size, from east to west and north. A bewildering mix of cultures, dialects, food and land
  • America is a beautiful big country with amazing scenery - you can visit mountains, canyons, beaches, deserts, forests, cities - as a holiday destination, it always delivers
  • Picnics, parties, 4th of July celebrations; the way they turn any event into a social occasion
  • The fact that there is a sense of encouragement that anyone can achieve anything, and the food!
  • The variety of everything, people, sweets, pies, the changing terrain from coast to coast, the random sights - 'world’s largest hairball, Garden City, Kansas' to the breath taking 'Yosemite National Park, Mariposa, California'. I love it and would love to explore all of it!
  • Pizza at 4a.m. in NYC
  • I love its diversity - there are so many different sides to America – it’s amazing!
  • Big steaks
  • I love how different each of the states are from each other and how diverse the landscape is
  • Their love of all things internal combustion, from the rumble of a Harley Davidson to the roar of a huuuge engined custom made car. I also love their 'generous' portion sizes - which are enormous!
  • The misunderstandings, which result from both Americans and Brits being native English speakers.
  • Wide open spaces, as well as bustling cities, the colour of the trees in Michigan in the fall and having two beautiful American grandchildren.
  • Big cars and wide open roads with cheap gas
  • The amazing sights - the wonderful Golden Gate Bridge, the Statue of Liberty and the Grand Canyon

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