DHL Service Point drop off

DHL Service Point size & price guide

Ideal for sending single parcels, DHL Service Point gives you 7 different DHL envelope and box sizes to choose from.  But not to worry, if your parcel doesn't fit into any of these boxes, larger items can be sent with DHLitNow or DHL by Phone

Maximum size and weight United Kingdom 1-2 working days Europe EU 1-3 working days Europe Non-EU 1-3 working days USA, Canada & Mexico 1-4 working days Rest of World 1-5 working days
Envelope 1
27.5 x 35 x 1cm
Up to 0.5kg
e.g. A4 documents, CDs, photos
DHL envelope
DHL envelope
Box 2
33.7 x 18.2 x 10cm
Up to 1.5kg
e.g. digital camera, mobile phone
DHL box size 2
DHL box size 2
Box 3
33.7 x 32.2 x 10cm
Up to 3kg
e.g. paperback books, magazines
DHL box size 3
DHL box size 3
Box 4
33.7 x 32.2 x 18cm
Up to 7kg
e.g. clothes, books, laptop
DHL box size 4
DHL box size 4
Box 5
33.7 x 32.2 x 34.5cm
Up to 12kg
e.g. clothes, books, toys
DHL box size 5
DHL box size 5
Box 6
41.7 x 35.9 x 36.9cm
Up to 18kg
e.g. DVD player, small TV
DHL box size 6
DHL box size 6
Box 7
48.1 x 40.4 x 38.9cm
Up to 25kg
e.g. small printer, computer
DHL box size 7
DHL box size 7

Prices include VAT where applicable. The transit times quotes for the different country zones are indicators only. For a country-specific transit time estimate, please get a quote. All transit time estimates are to major destinations, do not include time in Customs and are provided as a guide only. 

What you can't send

What you can and can't send

There are some obvious things that you can't send with DHL, such as animals, illegal substances, guns and explosives. But there are also less obvious items that we can’t transport, such as perfume, cash and jewellery with a value in excess of £5,000.
Read more about what you can and can't send with DHL

Find your nearest DHL Service Point

Find your nearest DHL Service Point

With over 1,200 DHL Service Points located in high streets and retail outlets across the UK, there is bound to be a DHL Service Point near you.

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